Flexibility with the Legacy Archive Processor

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Systemware’s intelligent approach to content migration provides a simplified way to move your business forward. We have been helping organizations of all industries migrate high volumes of critical business information for almost 4 decades. Our proprietary Legacy Archive Processor (LAP) provides an efficient way to connect, access, and manage content stored in legacy ECM systems. Our proven migration strategy ensures your organization’s data integrity, business continuity, and fast time-to-market requirements are fully met – and exceeded.

Benefits of a Systemware Content Migration

44% of large organizations say legacy systems affect every or most of their projects

Move at the speed of business

A Systemware migration strategy enables you to quickly move your organization’s legacy ECM systems to a modern, flexible platform while maintaining proper compliance and providing an improved user experience.

Tailored platform deployment

Flexible deployment options enable customers a choice when deciding on a solution to best fit their current infrastructure environment and needs for maximum cost savings and efficiency.

Exceptional support and partnership

Systemware solutions are fully developed, tested, and supported in-house. We are committed to lasting relationships, above and beyond the point of sale and deployments.

Mitigate compliance risks

Content Cloud provides data masking and encryption features out of the box to protect sensitive personal information from being accessed or shared by unauthorized users.

Robust user experience

Content Cloud was designed for ease of use with open APIs, automation, and advanced indexing for fast and secure access to critical business content anytime, anywhere.

Migration on your terms

With a Systemware migration strategy, you have flexible options. A fast and secure content migration to new platforms can be achieved on your terms and without disruption to your business processes or impact to your users.

Cost savings

Aside from the steep ever-increasing costs of licensing by some solution providers, most legacy systems contain mass amounts of obsolete data that is consuming space on costly storage mediums.

Connect legacy ECM

Systemware can seamlessly connect legacy ECM systems from other providers such CMOD, Mobius, CA, Monarch, Xerox, and more.

The Legacy Archive Processor (LAP)

An intelligent approach to fast content migration

The Legacy Archive Processor (LAP), provides an efficient way to access, migrate, and manage content stored in legacy ECM systems. Our LAP process provides flexible choices to meet specific business requirements and is supported by a team of experienced content services professionals, highly skilled at converting companies from other solution providers.

As with any big change, it is imperative to fully prepare your end-users in efforts to avoid downtime or gaps in accessibility. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is a critical step in the LAP process. During UAT, end-users test the required business functionality, security, and usability of the new system while emulating real-world conditions. The UAT acts as a final checkpoint to accept and verify the new software before moving it into a production environment. After all testing is complete and the new environment is accepted, the Content Cloud system can then be moved to the production environment and costly legacy ECM systems can be decommissioned. Each step of the LAP process is carefully analyzed for accuracy and efficiency, as well as environmental and process improvements.

The Systemware LAP can replicate existing legacy file structures on a new Content Cloud platform, allowing users a familiar environment for ease of transition to the new technology. We realize no two situations are ever quite the same, so we designed our LAP to provide personalized choices for content capture from legacy ECM systems. Parallel access to content during the migration process is an essential feature of the LAP and helps minimize disruption. Existing content can either remain in place on the legacy repository to be accessed using pointers, or it can be migrated to Content Cloud only when it is accessed. Another option used when retiring old hardware systems is to migrate all content at once. The LAP options maintain proper compliance for retention and data-privacy, while allowing the ability to utilize existing infrastructure to cut costs. Each approach is done seamlessly and with transparency to your end-users.

92% of organizations believe they must modernize their information management strategy in order to address rising levels of information chaos.

~AIIM Industry watch Modernizing the Information Toolkit – Building an Effective Strategy for Content Integration and Migration

Customer Success Stories

Hear what our customers have to say about the Systemware LAP

Anheuser-Busch migrated in two weeks

Systemware partnered with Anheuser-Busch to meet their tight deadline and deliver a solid solution to their legacy ECM problem without disruption in only 2 weeks.

Kroger saved 99 hours of processing time

Systemware’s problem-solving mindset helped Kroger’s accounting group automate payroll report extraction, reducing year-end processing from 112 hours to 3.

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