You open your ECM user interface and type in a query. What distinguishes an ECM Platform from a Content Services Platform is the relevance, meaningful and precise content that is returned. It’s about more than just indexes. It’s about indexes at the line, page, and document level, along with powerful processes that utilize metadata to facilitate finding.

Employees might search up to 4 systems to find needed information. This wastes both time and money as well as the costs and hassles involved with customer service.

Finding data across repositories is imperative in a modern organization. We know that the one platform to rule them all is often impossible and really, unnecessary. If employees are searching through 4 different systems to gather data, they need for their job, they are wasting countless hours unnecessarily. In a modern CSP, you have a platform that can search across multiple systems with a highly usable intuitive interface. There is just no need to have teams wasting that much time on something easily remedied.

Time spent on finding content you need isn’t just about teams either. Your customers stand to lose here too. If you cannot locate an invoice, statement, or document at the touch of a button, your customer service can be dramatically affected. Slow and inaccurate customer service issues are very difficult to overcome.

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