Integration That’s Simply Seamless

What you want, you get – what you don’t know, you will.


Just imagine: All of your information — documents and content housed in existing applications from across the enterprise – working together. From all those disparate sources, running on a variety of platforms, your information can look and act as one.

How does that happen? Systemware’s robust integration capabilities enable the creation of a virtual repository that allows different applications and systems to use the same stored content in different ways, through a single user interface or a custom client application. All content remains in the original application or system, eliminating the need for costly point-to-point integration.

Systemware provides a truly open environment that makes it simple to integrate with existing applications and your IT infrastructure.

Leverage & Share Enterprise Information

Systemware allows all your data, applications as well as other content repositories — from across the enterprise to work together to improve productivity and efficiencies. Systemware enables these disparate sources to look and act as one, seamless system.

Quick & Easy Application Integration

Systemware provides a powerful yet simple XML API which easily integrates with applications, systems and additional content repository across the enterprise.

Migrate As Requested

Systemware’s Legacy Archive Processor allows you to leave content in an older content repository until someone actually needs it. The legacy software can be disabled right away eliminating the need for costly maintenance fees on seldom used software. The content is migrated to Systemware when a user requests to view it.

Extend & Enhance Sharepoint Capabilities

Systemware complements SharePoint with a comprehensive ECM solution for true records management storage.

Create Content Centric Applications

Systemware provides a platform for developing content-centric modules and applications. Built-in features provide you the ability to capture, organize, find, transform, interact, route and dispose of content as well as content metadata.

Capture Additional Content

Systemware collects content from a variety of sources, including local and remote disc drives, email folders and inboxes, message queues, and others. Our capture service can also integrate with external and third-party applications to extend its functionality.

Get Organized

Our powerful Topic Mapping Engine allows content metadata to be organized to maximize fast, efficient, secure access to relevant business information. The same content metadata can be “mapped” to different topics to ensure that actionable information is provided to the right user at the right time.

Easily Retrieve Content

Our Content Retrieval Service (CRS) provides the ability to configure how content is delivered when it is requested. The CRS supports adding backer/fronter pages, deterministic transformation based on the current state of the content, and combining content related to the requested content.

Work It

With our built-in BPM engine, Systemware is capable of providing complex content workflow processes. From the simplest two-stage approval process to multiphase, multiuser processes, this tool is flexible and extensive enough to meet the business need.

Manage the Lifecycle

Our retention processing capabilities supports disposing of content and/or content metadata at the right time, no sooner, no later. Disposition can be configured based on time, events, or a combination of the two.

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