Such a big investment can be a hard sell internally. Afterall, there is a dedicated team over the course of months if not years, potential down time, and it’s just easier not to have to learn a whole new set of tools. But what if it could save your organization millions?. Reconciling data that is just sitting, dark data, and unstructured data; those are just the low hanging fruit. With retention and governance requirements changing all the time, wrapping this data is the contexts of when, where, why, and how can save countless dollars in potential fines and fees. Not to mention the insight that can be gleaned from previously undiscovered data. Making critical business decisions with more data context is just good business.

ROI figures range from 38% to over 600% for improved access to information, depending on whether the new ECM system is an upgrade from an existing one or is an entirely new system replacing previously manual processes.

Departmental gains can be huge too. With the ability to integrate across an organization, you can more easily ensure compliance, security, and automation. Connecting repositories throughout your business is a key component to ROI on a content services platform (CSP). Realizing the value of your content falls into your ability to see it, manage it, and deliver it.

When we talk about the ROI of a CSP we don’t just talk about money, but also time. Time could be the real currency here. Leveraging a better and faster platform has the potential to revolutionize your information lifecycles and drive innovation. With the right content strategy, the thoughtful implementation, the thorough platform training, and the in-depth provider services any organization can reap huge returns on investment.

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