Our World Happens in the “Space Between” So Should Our Technologies…

I am passionate about businesses embracing and harnessing that beautiful space between the 1’s and 0’s, that statistical gray where cognitive, context, and AI can flourish. I love that soon in this lifetime we will see the impacts that quantum computing has on information management, emerging as a go to enabler of massive computations of data all at once, representing a seismic shift in the very way we compute. Hand me those rose colored glasses because when it comes to technology I can be a hopeless romantic. Luckily here at Systemware, part of my job is to research the innovations and directional shifts in our industry. While I am enamored with the future, I recognize that many businesses are still on the opposite edge of this spectrum. They are simply trying to align their information and processes to work better for them, whether this means becoming more efficient, more competitive, or more profitable. Regardless of where you are in your journey, the important thing is to continue taking steps forward, do not to become complacent, do not to put your business’s future completely in the hands of another, and be confident in what will align with your strategic roadmaps.

One Size Fits All: The Valentine’s Day Card Dilemma a Source of Childhood Anxiety

Come on school Valentine’s Day card maker, why in your box of cards are there only 3 options and all wildly inappropriate choices for a shy kid to hand out to an entire classroom? The over analysis of who would receive which card remains a tragic memory for me. Umm, no Ryan Potts you were not “Destined to be Mine”, but I had to choose between you and Matt Singletary in the 4th grade as to who would receive this card versus the one that reads “I’ve Searched the Galaxy for you”. Both equally awkward.

Similarly, when it comes to information management solutions too often businesses accept a box, err, I mean a list of “appropriate” solutions providers from experts. Unfortunately, some of these lists are born from criteria often outdated and not indicative of what your organization is actually looking to achieve. Blindly following leaves companies to bend to the limitations of poorly selected solutions. I have witnessed amazing human work-arounds that serve solely to overcome such tragic shortcomings, I refer to these human heroes as our “ultimate integrators”. My advice, push to ensure your solutions can interoperate, play nice, and aid in empowering your entire business ecosystem. Your environment is unique and only you know the complete picture, while these lists can inform you, do not blindly accept them. Perform your due diligence and research to understand if a solution will grow with your business objectives and strategic roadmaps.

Legacy Systems: A Lesson from Valentine’s Day Roses

Quickly put them in water so they last after all they were probably overpriced. Enjoy them, but when they reach the end of their useful life throw them away. (Umm, please do not email me if you dry your roses rather than throw them away, I honestly get it, but it is outside of this point.)

“If it isn’t broken don’t fix it” – isn’t this quite the cavalier statement? I question the logic, but I hear it often. Is it because the lights blink that you feel it isn’t broken? So often legacy systems are a source of administration and maintenance burdens. Even worse they embody many of your organizations security risks and innovation roadblocks. Often in strategic research meetings I uncover ugly scenarios like X number of FTEs dedicate the majority of their time bridging the gaps when legacy systems can not meet the requirements of business units, regulators, compliance, governance, or simply can not on their own keep those lights blinking. It is here we often see our ultimate integrators, the heroes, stepping up to the plate once again. Though they wear this burden as a badge of honor it is not helping your organization. Removing the strains of your legacy systems frees your heroes to refocus on moving your business forward, to get hip, instead of simply keeping you afloat. Take FinTech’s disruption in the less than agile Financial Services market as an example. Pointing out the ugly processes and systems in your organizations can be a valuable exercise if you can measure “broken” in the terms of useful business metrics.  Ultimately, these are the actionable measures that can facilitate prudent business decisions regarding the operational risk reward of keeping legacy systems in place.

All About You: In Opposition to Valentine’s Day Dinner

Your reservations are set at the right restaurant and since 7 am you have been looking forward to this romantic dinner with your date. Both anticipation and expectations are at a heightened state; unfortunately, when you finally cross over the threshold into the restaurant your visions of excellence and romance are abruptly crushed. The ambiance is overcome by the crowd, you slink into becoming a number amongst many, servers are rushing around trying to stay above water, the prix fix menu barely recognizable of your favorite restaurant… um Welcome to Valentine’s Day dinner?

It is all about you and your business don’t forget that. With the pace of technology accelerating faster and faster, you need to have agile partners who align with your company’s strategic objectives and initiatives.  If you cannot honestly identify with your solution providers as partners there better be overwhelming business reasons why you are keeping them around.   Calling oneself a partner is simply not good enough, true partnership moves beyond words into the realm of action. It is an honor that only you can bestow on a solution provider. Partners are those companies who will be there shoulder to shoulder in both good times and bad with a steadfast focus on you. Have the conversations with your existing providers about the service and partnership you expect. It is a bidirectional relationship by nature, if you want alignment you should make regular strategic planning meetings a part of the relationship in order to ensure that your organization’s directions and initiatives are considered in their roadmaps.

True innovation is a gritty thing bred in hard fought battles, bittersweet messiness, and most definitely long hours… During my time as a professional I have seen and been part of moments of excellence when passionate teams successfully move against what has been dictated by the marketplace as correct. At Systemware this is our Intelligent Content Network, Content Cloud, which transcends firewalls to empower people, enterprises, and things with curated information in the context of their work. I am not personally a fan of Valentine’s Day, so for me I will gladly don my propeller hat and take today to research future technologies because one day these will be our current technologies and we better have positioned ourselves in the mix. I am looking forward to the day that the vocabularies we use to describe our initiatives contain words like entanglement, tunneling, qubits, and singularity.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Relive the Anxiety of Youth - Printable Valentines Day Cards!

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