“The mainframe is dead” is a tagline that has been floating around office halls for decades. In reality, legacy systems such as mainframe and WORM devices are still very much alive. Many organizations have vast amounts of content spread across repositories such as this, but as with all technology, new changes have emerged. Companies relying on legacy content management systems are very aware of the associated risks with older solutions, but as with any large project, barriers do exist — cost, resources, and fear of data integrity are just a few examples. In this era of strict compliance however, the question is no longer about the cost for content migration, but what is it costing you NOT to make the transition. In this latest eBook from our partners at AIIM (Association of Intelligent Information Management), and underwritten by Systemware, we highlight 5 warning signs that tell you it’s time to ditch your legacy document management system.

Breaking up is hard to Do… Or is it? 

Content migration to modern software platforms has long been viewed as an overwhelming process that can take years to complete. The good news is, it’s not as complex as you might think and can actually be done in months, not years.  At Systemware, we have built our reputation and business on helping organizations in all industries successfully convert and migrate massive amounts of information from other solution providers.

With the Systemware Legacy Archive Processor (LAP), content migration is within reach. Our proprietary conversion process easily converts data archived in legacy format or stored in legacy repositories. With a Systemware migration strategy, you have options. Content can either remain in place on the legacy repository to be accessed using pointers, or it can be migrated only when it is accessed. Each option maintains proper compliance for retention and data-privacy, while utilizing existing infrastructure to cut costs. Another option used when retiring old hardware systems is to migrate all content at once. Each approach is done seamlessly and with transparency to your end-users.

Let’s Take a Little Quiz.

Does your organization rely on mainframes and outdated legacy systems to manage your valuable information?

On average, organizations spend from 60 to 85 percent of their IT budgets maintaining these outdated legacy applications. Couple that with a diminishing workforce of operators needed to actually run the mainframes and one can quickly see there is trouble ahead. We acknowledge the difficulty and the challenges that organizations face when migrating their content management systems. Thoughtful strategies for digital transformation provides organizations with a modern path to enable successful migration and deployment projects. The key is flexibility so your organization can make the best decisions about the next steps. 

Do you feel like you are being held hostage by your legacy management provider?  

Organizations often feel they have no choice but to continue maintaining outdated systems. The effort and expense of migration is just too difficult and costly, right? This is exactly what your current provider would like you to believe. Organizations must have a plan, a quick and easy path for content migration so they are not strapped to their solution providers when it comes time to move forward with the digital transformation initiatives. The idea that migration takes months, even years, is often perpetrated by providers and it is just simply not true, as seen in our recent success story with Anheuser-Busch. We partnered with he popular beer giant to carefully assess their unique situation and developed a strategy for a fast content migration without disruption – in 2 weeks.  Read more about their successful deployment here.

Business Intelligence - Content Cloud Capabilities

Is your data redundant, obsolete and trivial?

This is the age of “data hoarding” which results in information chaos that imperils the data transformation journey. If you have ROT (information that is redundant, obsolete, or trivial) – you’re not alone. Researchers found that 85% of cumulative data in legacy systems is ROT and the cost of managing, storing and sorting this data is considerable. In fact, it is estimated that out-of-date practices that contribute to ROT will cost approximately $3.3 trillion by 2020. ROT impedes the ability for organizations to be flexible and it is this “information agility” that makes digital transformation possible. Strategies for content migration and for eliminating and extracting ROT are imperative in digital transformation.

Are your systems hindering your adherence to compliance?

Compliance is a hot topic right now with the passing of the California Consumer Privacy Act on January 1. The CCPA  gives consumers more control over how their personal information is being accessed, used and misused. Legacy systems using outdated or underperforming ECMs are at risk. Organizations must be able to locate a specific piece of information across multiple platforms and they must be able to securely delete that segment without taking away from the integrity of the surrounding content. When it comes to the idea of the consequences for noncompliance,  organizations are more motivated than

ever to migrate over to modern systems. In our paper State of the Industry Report,  from our partners at AIIM (Association of Intelligent Information Management), and underwritten by Systemware, we reported that over 50% of organizations see automation of compliance and governance as “highly important” or “a deal changer,” So what’s the holdup? Organizations are paralyzed by either misinformation about what is involved in transforming their systems or by misunderstandings of what doing away with their outdated systems entails. Systemware is here to help dispel the rumors and give guidance as to plans to meet organizations where they are in their journey so it’s a smooth ride to modernization. 

What about User Experience? Are your customers satisfied?

Organizations must be able to not only anticipate but also meet the needs of customers and users. Innovation and agility are the name of the game while organizations look for ways to leverage the mobile workforce, to analyze data for analytics, and  to ensure privacy and security of information for their customers. 

Outdated technology, slow and cumbersome applications, and lack of options for accessing data are no longer tolerated by today’s customers. When counting the cost of sticking with your outdated legacy system vs. modernizing digital transformation, you need to consider that over 90% of consumers would rather switch providers than work with a company that uses outdated technology. Customers need to be able to access secure private data any time anywhere and with an all-in-one platform. Solutions like open APIs provide value by allowing organizations to develop custom applications and service options that integrate with existing systems.

How did you do on the quiz?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, it’s time to weigh the risks and consider ditching  your legacy content management system(s). With an innovative and ever-changing landscape of compliance, security issues, new technologies, advancements to enhance the customer experience, your organization needs a dedicated strategic partner who is committed to meeting you where you are in your digital transformation journey and guiding you down the path to success.

Read about this and more red flags in your free copy of our eBook: “Five Warning Signs It’s Time to Ditch Your Legacy Document Management System

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