Content Cloud is a content services solution that helps you find and extract information from wherever it is stored and transform and deliver information in the context needed.  Get more Content Cloud capabilities.

5 Cool Things

Explore 5 Content Cloud Enhancements 

Standby Cloud Manager Nodes

The Cloud Manager is a browser-based user interface that provides a single place to configure, monitor, and maintain every aspect of a Content Cloud environment. This is the hub to all Content Cloud activity.  New in the latest release, is Standby Cloud Manager nodes to support business continuity.  A standby Cloud Manager system is an important part of the Content Cloud infrastructure. The purpose of the standby Cloud Manager system is to act as a read-only backup system that displays the same information as the active (primary) Cloud manager system.

Federated Search Business Indexes Enhancement

You can arrange documents in a business/group/type hierarchy, and you can configure extraction templates selected by index query at report, page or line level.  And, corresponding results can be set to automatically download to CSV or XML.  You can create basic content extraction templates or templates using JavaScript.

Business Intelligence - Content Cloud Capabilities

Document Retrieval

Use Content Cloud to retrieve content from IBM CMOD server by creating the necessary connectors to enable the retrieve. The Connector was recently enhanced to seamlessly search metadata from IBM Content Manager OnDemand using the IBM OnDemand Web Enablement Kit Java APIs.  This give you retrieval, cashing and management of requisite AFP resources.

Data Masking

Data Masking enables you to strengthen your security compliance practices by obscuring sensitive text content in documents and search results. Implementation of data masking uses a set of rules, which specify the replace pattern and values, and targets, where these rules apply.

• Blur entire screen after inactivity (in seconds)
• Access unmasked data including mouse-over capability
• Apply rules to content and metadata
• Masking supports AFP, PDF and text

Content Compliance

Large reports, statements and other customer correspondence are often created as one large file containing many business objects.  This is done for ease of management, efficiencies of scale, convenience of consolidated information and a host of other logical and financial reasons.  Content Compliance allows for the collective management of these large files while providing the ability to manage retention at the business object level.

• Segregate parts of the data-stream (or pdf) that are repetitive (resources) and store once to reduce storage requirements for AFP and PDF
• Hold objects based on document metadata
• Data segmentation available for AFP, PDF and text
• Apply indexes at segment level
• Create event-based retention