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Speed Though Optimized Accessibility

User satisfaction comes down to the ability to quickly and efficiently find and access information in the right context regardless of where it is located.

Retrieve information quickly and accurately with automatic indexing. Need instant access and delivery of  information trapped within content spread across the enterprise? Content Cloud delivers. It is designed to capture and index all enterprise content where it resides – Systemware, on-premise or  cloud-based document management solutions, third-party applications, paper-based documents, and more.

Our layered approach to indexing and interrogation allows you to find segmented information quickly and efficiently. Once found, Content Cloud helps automate the processing and curation of your information to help users make more informed business decisions.

Every person who interacts with your information systems has a very different perspective of what makes it good. Systems should not dictate the use of your information, rather they should help you realize and harness the value of information assets.

Andrea Chiappe, Director of Strategy & Innovation - Systemware, Inc.

Why Search When You Can Find?

There is a big difference between Find and Search. Content Cloud’s automatic indexing brings new meaning to fast, accurate retrieval of targeted information. Whether the content is currently online or archived, our Find Engine ™ delivers targeted results rather than a listing of probable results that needs to be further refined. This speed and accuracy means you get access to what you need when you need it to make more informed decisions.

Improve Information Access

Our industry-leading indexing capability unlocks valuable content regardless of where it exists — any content repository or third-party application providing end users with a single point to securely and seamlessly find, view and analyze the high value content.

Automatic Indexing

A multitude of variables can be automatically applied to a piece of content, whether from a fixed or floating location or at the line or page level. Automated metadata can be applied to content as it is ingested, speeding the process of capture and greatly enhancing the user’s ability to find what they want later.

Unlimited Indexing Variables

Unlike other solutions, Systemware provides the ability to utilize an unlimited number of index variables. This powerful indexing extraction capability greatly enhances the ability to search, find and process information from content.

Multi-level Indexing

Much like a book’s table of contents, a basic index provides a way to logically segment and quickly reference target content in a single document or report. Basic indexing can be applied to a wide range of business documents, including text-based reports, Adobe PDFs, intelligent print data streams (IPDS) such as IBM AFP and Xerox metacode, multi-page image files, and all XML based document files, including Microsoft Office suite.

Transform, Package, & Deliver

Systemware manages the collection, re-formatting, packaging and secure delivery of content such as statements, monthly bills, explanation of benefits (EOBs), etc. The Content Cloud transforms are applied, transforming the content into appropriate formats and combining them into a single package that can then be routed to the targeted delivery methods, such as email, file copy, FTP, SFTP, or other. It’s one solution and one point of integration with delivery to all the different output channels.


Information can be sliced and diced whether from print streams or other data sources for porting the correct information to your digital delivery streams. These data streams can then be transformed and packaged into appropriate formats for production of physical documents through print production or electronic delivery through a digital delivery channel.


Getting the user opt-in and preferences captured can be accomplished through the Systemware Content Cloud or through integration with third-party applications. Subscriptions and “go-paperless” requests can be facilitated.

360º Views

Customers and internal customer service representatives can access full fidelity “print-like” representations of the content that was delivered through each channel. This shared ability to review the same correspondence speeds communication and accelerates issue resolution.

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