With the rapid evolution of modern IT, ECM vendors are consistently challenged with managing large quantities of data in a simple and repeatable manner, leaving little room for the end-user to customize the solution to their needs. This means that vendors are likely dictating how you access and use your own data – an approach that’s neither optimal nor sustainable. The face of ECM is changing along with the evolving needs of a new era of IT, and a rising need in this market is the individualization of ECM strategy.

Industry experts suggest that the intelligent personalization of content management (with functions and processes customized to the user’s needs) will be the norm within the next couple of years. The growing opinion is that ECM system should be designed to complement and improve the way you use your information, not dictate those terms. Strategic ECM plans should correspond directly to a business objective or process, and it’s essential that your ECM provider understand the granular details of your entire operation and content roadmap.

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To put it simply: the more individualized the ECM environment, the more operational benefits a business will see.

Engage with content your way

In my time at Systemware, I’ve seen this trend over and over again, which is why our development team works endlessly to design solutions that can deliver on the large implementation component in addition to customizable functionality. The result of our efforts is not just an ECM system, but rather an enterprise content network (ECN), intelligent enough to adapt to whatever the user wants or needs it to do.

This technology sets a new standard for ECM strategy, delivering an integrated content network consisting of distributed or centralized servers, enabling you to act upon your enterprise data by providing intuitive accessibility, infrastructure resiliency and cost optimization. And since it’s a private cloud, it’s implemented safely within your corporate firewall, providing complete security.

There’s a tangible, growing need for organizations to unlock the value of their structured and unstructured information, but this isn’t possible through a traditional content management approach of simple storage and recall. What’s needed is an ability to understand enterprise information in a relevant business context. Every organization has its own processes, requirements and objectives that dictate when and how employees engage with their content. Taking action on your data requires more than just gaining access to it – it requires that you understand it.

Systemware’s granular indexing capabilities allow organizations to do exactly that. With our powerful find engine, we can uniquely tag and parse data, narrowing in on particulars and then extracting associations and relationships between those findings. This process – context-centric curation – allows us to bring fragmented bits of content into perspective unique to the user, allowing them to make better business decisions.

Flexible deployment for your IT infrastructure

Another common pain-point for organizations implementing a new ECM system is the costs of adding, removing or reconfiguring infrastructure to accommodate a new technology. Companies make extensive investments in their mainframe technology and look for ways to use that technology efficiently while moving other functions to distributed platforms. ECM providers should be respectful of this.

Our ECN is designed to offer deployment flexibility — an ability to make the best use of a customer’s existing infrastructure. Content Cloud 6.0 provides a blended deployment that optimizes utilization a client’s IT environment, customizing the content management process from the integration of content to the establishment of a two-way exchange of information through distribution channels. This means that all of your information — documents, applications and other content repositories — from across the enterprise can work together to improve productivity and efficiencies.

It’s evident to us that an ECM solution can’t succeed as a “one-size-fits-all” technology; offering an ‘ECM Individualized’ user experience is the only way to ensure that the customer will see the most operational benefits while deploying our technology. We’ve designed an ECN for the benefit of the user, leveraging our proven experience to deliver the most customer-centric functionality while never compromising on meeting compliance, scalability and governance requirements. We’re not your typical ECM provider, and we take great pride in that. At the heart of our technology is an unfettered devotion to our customers – a characteristic that’s allowing us to deliver software that’s paving the way for the future of ECM.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]