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What is a Digital Workplace?

Take a look around you—it’s much more than that.

It goes beyond your chair and desk.

A lot of your day is spent on your computer, creating more and more information to add to your network. When you work from mobile devices, you expand your workplace even further. You’re way past the chair and desk now—you’re digital.

A lot is happening in your digital workplace, and one of the jobs that requires the most oversight and effort is information management. How you design your workflow to handle that dictates how well your digital workplace functions.

60% of ECM user organizations say their key challenge is usability and user adoption.
AIIM 2016

Content Cloud, an Intelligent Content Network

Our intelligent content network, Content Cloud, helps make the most of information for Fortune 500 companies and smaller organizations who are refining or developing their digital workplace. With Content Cloud, our customers reveal the value of their information.

We’ve crafted Content Cloud to address the problems information workers face while also helping organizations move forward as their digital workplace becomes more sophisticated.

Content Cloud transcends firewalls to empower people, enterprises, and things to curate information in the context of their work.

Get to Know Content Cloud

With the Systemware solution, critical information is stored, managed and always available without any boundaries. So not only did 7-Eleven store managers as well as corporate users gain secure access to critical business information, but they also now have a flexible tool to create custom reports allowing them to address specific business needs and reporting requirements. Today, 7-Eleven no longer prints and mails reporting information to their locations resulting in the ability to make better business decisions, realize significant cost savings, and an increase in productivity.