In KMWorld’s recently released ECM Best Practices report, Systemware’s Director of Solutions Delivery, Sean Furrh, outlined 5 Essentials for a Modern Content Services Platform to manage your organization’s valuable information assets. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the second essential – Deployment Flexibility. The right modern content services platform is the one that can meet an organization’s present needs as well as provide the flexibility to choose how the solution is deployed, as needs change over time. This requires a nimble and intuitive content services solution.

Different Organizations Require Different Approaches

No two organizations are the same. Each business has varying circumstances, and an effective content services provider must be able to meet the organization where they are in their data migration journey, as well as be able to look down the road and anticipate future needs. Some organizations require the installation and management of software in-house. Others prefer hosted cloud-based solutions. Then there are those who would benefit from a hybrid solution–the marrying of both cloud and on-premise. Many factors come into play when making these critical business decisions and it is essential for a modern content services provider to offer flexible choices for deployment options.

Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Organization

Systemware Content Cloud is an innovative content services platform that intelligently manages critical business information for many of the world’s largest organizations. Content Cloud offers the essential quality of deployment flexibility.

A fully hosted cloud allows organizations access to unlimited server availability, but also to utilize only the amount of infrastructure necessary to meet demand. Content Cloud’s elastic scalability can quickly and easily scale up and down providing the best of both worlds — server capacity to handle volume when needed and cost savings when not.

On-premise deployments provide the same robust solution capabilities while utilizing in-house infrastructure and resources. Hybrid solutions provide flexible options combining both on-premise and cloud computing, allowing customers a way to best leverage their existing environment for maximum cost savings and efficiency, while also benefitting from a modern cloud solution.

The Systemware Difference

Systemware Content Cloud has the technical agility to easily adapt and integrate with converging technologies and the flexibility to deploy any individual piece of the system on the appropriate infrastructure to meet your changing business requirements. A Content Cloud deployment leaves the decision entirely up to the customer, enabling personalized choices for maximum cost savings, while seamlessly connecting information resources.

Content Cloud delivers optimized performance in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments – as well as a fully hosted SaaS offering. Organizations can deploy Content Cloud seamlessly in external cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, and more.

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About Systemware
Systemware has been a pioneer in enterprise content management for nearly 40 years, helping organizations capture content from a variety of business systems, find it wherever it is stored, and deliver it in the context needed for each business line. Our content services platform, Content Cloud, helps organizations modernize their content management, connect with a range of repositories and systems, automate their processes, personalize their experience, and enable their content for business intelligence. Systemware is committed to ensuring organizations meet information governance requirements in a manner that optimizes cost and complexity while providing a tailored experience for users.