Several upcoming events will give us an opportunity to talk about medical banking and Digital Mail Gateway, our new solution that enables corporations and print and mail providers to transform, package and deliver customer communications to consumers through digital mail providers.

 ECM Discussing medical banking & digital mail at Payments 2012

Alan Beaney and I will be in Baltimore for Payments 2012, which runs from April 29 to May 2. More than 2,500 people are expected at Payments, where we’ll talk about digital mail alongside our partner Zumbox. Among the industry’s leading providers, Zumbox has created a digital mailbox for every street address in the country where an exact electronic copy of a paper item is delivered in a secure, central, online environment.

 ECM | Discussing digital postal mail

CS Week is in Grapevine, Texas, April 30 to May 4, and we’ll be with Zumbox representatives again to talk about digital mail at the utility customer service conference for managers and executives at investor-owned utilities, cooperatives, municipalities and government entities.

Finally, on May 14 I’ll be speaking three times at Fusion 2012, which runs May 13-17 in Nashville, Tenn. The Institute of Financial Operations is expecting more than 1,700 to attend its premier event.

Fusion 2012 | ECM | Digital postal mail and medical banking

“Automating Claims Remittance Posting and Payments — Reconciliation for Healthcare Providers” will overview the evolving environment for claims remittance reconciliation in healthcare, cover how providers are streamlining their remittance posting and payments reconciliation process, and how new initiatives in electronic payments will impact this market.

“Healthcare Payments Automation: Giving Your Revenue a Shot in the Arm with a Variation on the ‘Lockbox’ Concept” will describe how electronic payments between insurers and health-care providers have opened the door to a faster way of doing business and how healthcare organizations can benefit from the latest technology

“Digital Postal Mail: What is it, Who is Doing it, and Why You Should Care” will provide an introduction to the digital mail and how can it help simplify how consumers receive their mail, pay their bills, obtain customer service, and access information.

If you can’t make out to the events, no problem. Feel free to contact me directly at