The Systemware Team recently had a fun time on the road at the 2019 AIIM Conference earlier this year in San Diego. The AIIM Conference is always an excellent place to interact and share knowledge with like-minded industry professionals and we were honored to be a Platinum sponsor at this year’s event.

Along with many great conversations and newly formed relationships at our booth in the Solutions Lounge, Systemware hosted an interactive roundtable with the discussion centered around the topic — “Metadata: Underestimated or Overrated”. Our VP of Sales and Marketing, David Basso, led the conversation with a focus on the many features of our Content Cloud Find Engine. If you missed the session, download a free copy here of Content Cloud Find Engine: The Big Metadata Opportunity to learn more about how adding robust metadata to the content you already archive can help you get more value out of your stored information — without making the metadata itself difficult to store and manage.

AIIM On-Air Podcast

Another big highlight of the show was the AIIM On-Air booth with host Kevin Craine. Craine held a live Podcast interview with our good friend Michael Genovese, Vice President at Broadridge Financial. Broadridge Financial Solutions is an internationally recognized and highly respected service bureau providing outsourced technology services for most of the world’s largest bank brokerages, financial institutions, insurance companies, and much more. Systemware has been in partnership with Broadridge for over a decade with the shared commitment of providing innovative software solutions and excellence in customer satisfaction. The pair discussed Broadridge’s recent success efforts working with Systemware.

During the interview, Genovese detailed the desire of Broadridge to deliver on their promise of providing quality on-demand solutions to their clients. To fulfill that commitment, the company partners with vendors that offer the full flexibility needed for each business to solve their needs – Systemware being one of them. At Systemware, we pride ourselves in the flexibility of our solutions and build them with the end-user in mind which allows our clients the ability to tailor each user experience to meet the personalized needs of their business lines, groups, and individuals.

Why Systemware?

When asked why Systemware’s solutions were chosen over other tools available on the market, Genovese explained, “We look at our roadmap, we look at what our client’s roadmap is for technology for services and features and functionality, what they want … and how do we get there.” He adds that the company worked with Gartner and other consultants to find a vendor whose vision best aligned with that of Broadridge, and “Systemware by far met most of those challenges,” says Genovese.

Not one-stop shopping

Craine asked about challenges along the way and how they overcome those obstacles. Genovese reiterated the need for flexibility within the vendor base —  “You’ve got to be flexible when you’ve got a hundred brokerages that you’re storing data for and your rendering back their books and records – they’re different businesses. They handle their data differently; they’ve got different needs for how they process their data. So we got to be in a position where it doesn’t matter who they are, it’s not one-stop shopping,” says Genovese. “By using Systemware tools we’re able to provide unique services — within the same framework, obviously. I don’t want to have a thousand different systems out there. But within that framework we can use those tools to cater to our clients and we take customer service very seriously. Not having to say no really means something,” he adds.

As a final wrap-up, Craine asked how it has been working with the team at Systemware to which Genovese responds “It’s been a wonderful relationship we’ve had. They’re helping us move at the current time getting our services up to more cloud enabled. So that’s a big push for us and they are there every step of the way. We continue to use their services, so we don’t have any intention of changing at the moment.”

A special thanks to Kevin and Michael for the Podcast with AIIM On-Air and to our good friends at Broadridge Financial for our continued relationship.

Click here to listen to the full Podcast

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