As a content services provider, we see firsthand the barriers that hold organizations back from achieving their modernization initiatives. In this Webinar, the first of a 5 part series, we focus on some of those top challenges with content management and how Systemware is addressing these issues to help move companies forward with Content Cloud, our intelligent content services platform.  Some of the barriers we cover in this session are:

  • Legacy ECM
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Poor Performing Solutions  

Legacy ECM – Yes, it’s still standing

So what exactly is legacy ECM? It’s actually just as it sounds – old, outdated, and antiquated systems and processes. In terms of content management, legacy systems were top performers at one point in time, but as we all know, technology evolves quickly.  Legacy ECM systems are not uncommon. We see this in some form in almost every organization we service and while it may seem like you are eternally tied to those systems and weighed down by their poor performance (among other things) – there is a very clear path to a modern solution. One of the big challenges we see in the field with legacy ECM is the actual migration process itself. Content migration is a big decision and it can become overwhelming very fast.

Organizations need to feel confident in a provider’s ability to help transfer their information to a new environment efficiently, without disruption to their end-users — and also, very important – they need to know it is being done securely, protecting their customer’s data privacy and the integrity of their own business processes.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In the rapid business world, mergers and acquisitions are commonplace – the merging of companies to form one, or the acquiring of one company by another. And when companies merge, there are undoubtedly going to be issues that arise from information silos. Ideally, all your content should be easily accessible, regardless of where it is stored, right? But we know that’s not always the case – and mergers and acquisitions are a good example of why. Many organizations, just like some of your own, have a very wide range of business systems in use, each with its own set of processes, and each with its own content silos. That’s probably the way it was originally, certainly with good intentions of having content management systems that would provide enterprise-wide capabilities such as on-demand retrieval for common requests such as auditing, reporting, customer services – and so forth.

But many of these systems were driven by the needs of individual departments, leading to silos of data that were not useful or accessible to users across the enterprise. Information silos can be a burden not only because of the associated cost of storage and retrieval but also the inefficiencies of working with multiple content systems and legacy archives.

Poor or Underperforming Solutions

Sometimes there are systems that meet the compliance and security requirements of a modern platform but simply are just not up to standard. Underperforming systems that are slow or unresponsive are a complete drain on the entire organization, as well as end-users and customers. Some of our own customers that we have converted from other solution providers have done so because of poor-performing systems and price hikes that bring with it no additional value or feature – just a bigger bill.

In this first Webinar, Breaking Barriers to Forward Progress, we cover these common roadblocks and much more. Watch it now, available on-demand, and check back with us for the others coming soon in the series.

Webinar Series – Content Services in the Cloud

    1. (Available on-demand) Breaking the Barriers to Forward Progress

    2. (Coming Soon) Flexible Deployment & Use Case Scenarios

    3. (Coming Soon) Top Business Goals Met with the Cloud

    4. (Coming Soon) Hosted and Managed Services in the Cloud

    5. (Coming Soon) Systemware Customer Case Studies

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