Organizations have valid reasons to be concerned when moving to new platforms that the ancillary knowledge along with long-established process flows, will be lost in an unfamiliar new environment. The results of that could be a significant decline of information accessibility, which in turn brings down user productivity. Third-party report mining tools used for data extraction, such as Datawatch Monarch, are sometimes bundled with provider solutions. Content Cloud supports the import of Monarch models (MOD and XMOD) into its content extraction designer, which helps eliminate the concern of roadblocks to user productivity in a new environment.

In this VIDEO, watch Mike discover that Systemware Content Cloud supports his Monarch models for extraction and reporting, and he won’t lose years of work during his company’s migration to Content Cloud.

Systemware Content Cloud enables users to find and extract information anywhere, anytime and from any stored location – connecting legacy and distributed information across your organization, and delivering a personalized user experience from behind a robust and flexible interface. Content Cloud delivers optimized performance in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments, as well as a fully hosted SaaS offering.

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ABOUT SYSTEMWARE:  Systemware has been a pioneer in enterprise content management for the past forty years, helping organizations capture content from a variety of business systems, find it wherever it is stored, and deliver it in the context needed for each business line. Our content services platform, Content Cloud, helps organizations modernize their content management, connect with a range of repositories and systems, automate their processes, personalize their experience, and enable their content for business intelligence. Systemware is committed to ensuring organizations meet information governance requirements in a manner that optimizes cost and complexity while providing a tailored experience for users.  Learn more at

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