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Content Compliance with Systemware Content Cloud2023-08-30T15:37:15-05:00

See Dynamic Data Masking in Action

This video contains a brief demonstration of the Data and Screen Masking capabilities available in the Content Compliance module in Content Cloud.

Read the Systemware Content Compliance Case Study with One of the World's Largest Financial Institutions

Systemware Content Compliance Case Study

One of the world’s largest and most respected financial institutions with nearly 60 million customers and over $3 trillion in assets found itself challenged by its own success. Having grown organically and expanded via multiple acquisitions, the bank’s employees were struggling to manage, access, and deliver critical business information. This problem was starting to affect operations and regulatory compliance processes. They partnered with Systemware to accelerate and streamline their content compliance process by creating a connected content ecosystem.

How We helped

Information audits can be stressful without the proper tools in place. Locating all content spread across your organization as it relates to a single customer can be a daunting task that can sometimes take months or longer to complete. Systemware Content Cloud’s powerful indexing capabilities enable organizations to quickly find and extract content associated with a specific customer, account, or date-range. Content Cloud can then securely package these results together into a PDF or ZIP file for delivery in a matter of minutes.

Systemware Content Compliance Product Sheet

Content Cloud provides customers the ability to find, extract, and manage the exact content needed and gain the valuable insight necessary to address any compliance challenge.

Systemware offers a wide variety of flexible deployment options. Content Cloud can be fully outsourced and hosted, as well as on-premise deployments utilizing your organization’s private infrastructure including the IBM zSystems mainframe platform. The choice is left to the customer on how to best leverage the benefits of emerging technologies while maintaining compliance with information governance requirements.

Systemware Content Compliance Product Sheet

Compliance Featured on the Blog

Systemware can help your business meet the growing list of changing requirements

As privacy concerns mount and government regulations shift, ensuring your organization is compliant is an ever-moving target. Technology that is flexible and powerful is vital in these changing times.


44% of large organizations say legacy systems affect every, or most of their projects.

Ask yourself – How much is Legacy ECM holding your organization back?

“Set and forget” your solution to the Right to be Forgotten

New regulations, such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), give consumers increased control over how their personal information is being accessed, used, and deleted. Consumers also gain the right to erasure with these laws—also known as the “right to be forgotten.”

GDPR and CCPA place limitations on businesses for storing personal information beyond necessity. However, finding this consumer data can be difficult or impossible, especially in organizations that store data in multiple siloed repositories, each with its own technology. Content Cloud addresses this challenge by enabling organizations to utilize event-based retention rules that can be set around sensitive content. This allows all relevant personal information to be deleted automatically when an account closes or a customer has requested to be forgotten.

Advanced security protects your customers – And you

Content Cloud offers powerful features that enable your organization to protect sensitive content from unauthorized access.

Robust Encryption

All content stored within Content Cloud is encrypted, during transmission and while at-rest, ensuring customer privacy and protecting sensitive company information as well.

Dynamic Data Masking

Content Cloud can dynamically mask sensitive data (social security numbers, account numbers, etc.) upon output based upon the user’s permissions.

User, Role and Group Access Filters

Multiple levels of permissions provide a wide-range of access controls that can be as broad or granular as needed.

Want to know more?

At Systemware, we have been helping our customers attain and sustain regulatory compliance for over 40 years. Read more about how we can help your organization.

Best Practices for Automating Information Governance

Systemware Case Study - How a World Leading Bank Streamlined Content Compliance With a Connected Content Ecosystem

Managing Data Protection for Content Compliance

Compliance Simplified with Systemware’s Content Cloud

Sound too good to be true? We get that a lot.

Let us prove it to you. We can easily create a proof of concept and show you what the future of your organization’s content management looks like.

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