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Scalable and secure image capture and management

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The Systemware Check Image Manager is a fast and scalable solution enabling the secure capture, storage, and retrieval of images for financial services. The Check Image Manager runs within Content Cloud, utilizing the records management capabilities of Content Cloud which allows completion of the document lifecycle from a single platform. Systemware also offers the Check Image Manager as a managed service, so you can leave it all to us for a simple subscription.

Content Cloud Capture


The Systemware Check Image Manager utilizes Content Cloud’s scalable capture service and can support high-volume image capture in both batch and streaming modes.


In batch mode, the Check Image Manager monitors a directory for incoming batches of images. The images are captured, appropriate metadata is attached to the content, and sent to Content Cloud for secure storage.


In streaming mode, the Check Image Manager can connect to external scanning applications via Content Cloud’s secure HTTP API and capture a stream of image data, before applying metadata and sending to storage.

Content Cloud Manage


After capture, the content and its metadata are sent to Content Cloud for secure storage. All network transmission and all content stored in Content Cloud is encrypted and compressed for added storage savings.


Systemware Content Cloud and thus the Check Image Manager can be deployed on any infrastructure available, including the public cloud. In addition, Systemware can handle your content storage as a managed service, allowing you to completely outsource your image management, eliminating the need for any additional on-premise infrastructure or IT support.

Image Retention

With the full records management capabilities of Content Cloud available, Systemware Check Image Manager can help fulfill your document lifecycle needs.

  • Scheduled Deletion – Configure images to automatically be deleted on a schedule or in response to an event.
  • Batch Deletion – The Check Image Manager supports batch deletion lists and can delete batches of images when a deletion list is captured.
  • Real Time Deletion – At any point in time during the content lifecycle, a user with proper authorization can delete an image or batch of images using the Check Image Manager.


All access to content in Content Cloud is secured with a user rights and roles-based methodology that can easily integrate with your existing security systems, such as Active Directory, RACF, LDAP, and various other external authentication providers. Content is encrypted when stored and when transmitted, minimizing the risk of unauthorized information access.

Content Cloud Find

Find & Deliver

Once captured, content becomes immediately accessible through any of the access and retrieval channels in Content Cloud.

Viewer and User Interface

Images or batches of images can easily be searched, viewed, downloaded, and delivered to any of your organization’s delivery channels by using the Check Image Manager user interface. The check image viewer is a user-friendly interface to quickly view check images and their associated metadata.

API Retrieval

The Check Image Manager provides access to the captured images through its secure HTTP API, providing external applications with the image content.

Batch Retrieval

The Check Image Manager can monitor directories for a batch request list of images and retrieve the batch for delivery to the specified channel in the appropriate format.

Deployment and Scalability

Deployment and Scalability

Systemware Content Cloud utilizes a node-based architecture for deployment, allowing the benefits of efficient and elastic scalability across its services. Sets of nodes are created for each service in Check Image Manager – capture, storage, and delivery – and these nodes can span both infrastructure and geographic regions. Each set of nodes can dynamically scale up and add additional nodes if demand increases, and subsequently reduce back down in number during low volume times. This efficiency is further amplified when using virtually unlimited cloud resources.. This efficiency is further amplified when using virtually unlimited cloud resources.

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