bankA billion-dollar community bank chose Systemware to provide it with immediate access to critical business information across the enterprise, such as customer statements, customer records, account records, and reports. The resulting success led to even deeper collaborations as the bank has expanded its use of Systemware enterprise content management technologies.

This bank’s online strategy had been limited because of a lack of secure electronic delivery and online access of electronic statements. Electronic statements were not compliant with federal regulations. The search and discovery capabilities of its legacy cold report storage system were deficient. The legacy ECM system lacked workflow capability, forcing the bank to rely on email, fax and courier to transmit content.

For Systemware, the goals of an initial project were to improve the bank’s ability to address customer needs, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiencies.  We set to work on an integration project that allowed seamless access to all account and customer records. Once it was completed, the bank and customers had instant access to all documents and accounts, regardless of the office or branch location, and immediately there were years worth of statements on the company website that were easily accessible. The bank saw a 600% increase in electronic statement users within the first year following the implementation.  This resulted in a significant reduction in distribution costs and streamlined operations.

The bank has continued to use Systemware ECM technologies, which have become the main platform for the management of all bank data, including the scanning, transformation, distribution, storage, retrieval, backup, and the presentation of that data.  All statements are captured, stored, and distributed via the Systemware platform and that data is fully integrated with the bank’s online banking portal.  In addition, the Systemware platform is fully integrated with the bank’s core system, allowing it to deliver reports and improve on the presentation of account and customer records.  The Systemware platform is also able to access the email archives in order to capture and store communications that have been sent and received via email.

Robust indexing improves access

By using Systemware ECM technologies, this bank was able to bring its online statement system in line with government regulations and improve online access to these statements.  Multiple years of statement history were made available on the company website. Powerful indexing meant users could quickly locate customer and account records, as well as department specific-reports and documents. There was instant, secure access to statements and documents from all branches, offices and other locations. The branch cash balancing process was automated, resulting in process improvements from 3 hours a week to just a few minutes.

All this helped the bottom line by delivering that 600% increase in electronic statement usage. Operational efficiency also increased dramatically, so even as the bank saved money new levels of access and convenience ensured its customers were happier.