Last in a series

Managers of a data center operation at a large medical network had a choice: Find a content management solution with additional functionality that didn’t limit the kinds of reports that could be developed or stick with what they had. As we noted in the first installment of this series, plenty of managers would have chosen not to change.

But after speaking with several Systemware customers and hearing firsthand how seamless and transparent their content conversion could be Systemware Content Cloud’s Legacy Archive Processor (LAP), their choice was clear.

“We also saw in Systemware the ability to grow our uses of the system,” said one data center manager. “We knew that we had to get to get off of Mobius and convert what we had Day 1. But we also wanted a system that didn’t lock us into the types of reports we could ingest and the types of reports we could distribute to our end users.”

Despite the size of the task, the change to Systemware was virtually transparent to end-users and required minimal training. While the overall project time for the Mobius replacement was seven months, it took just 30 business days to move over the documents and definitions using the LAP.

The Mobius conversion resulted in the migration of more than 70,000 LAP versions from the Mobius mainframe to Systemware on the distributed platform and more than 5,500 document definitions. One manager said his natural concerns about support in an unfamiliar topography were short-lived. “The product is really stable. Our servers don’t crash. … If they do, we don’t have any loss of data.”

“It was really no fuss, no muss,” he said. “Since Day 1, it’s been a partnership; and it’s continued to be a partnership.”

Results of other Systemware conversions

Systemware takes pride in getting to know the needs of each customer and helping develop a content conversion strategy that fits those needs. Our stable product set and proven methodology, our people and our experience combine to provide enterprises with content conversions that really are cheaper, better and faster.

A credit card giant reduced its ongoing costs for software maintenance, increased efficiencies and enhanced the scalability of its systems after Systemware managed the migration of all the company’s third-party archives. Systemware’s transparent approach dramatically reduced the time, effort, and cost of the conversion. And with Systemware as its single global standard, the card company was able to phase out all its other systems.

A major airline saw cost savings, improved functionality and an enhanced user experience with a content conversion by Systemware that came after a merger with a former rival. In a consolidation project that ran quickly and smoothly, Systemware easily migrated and consolidated legacy data stored in the various content repositories into the Content Server.

A world banking power standardized practices and improved response times to customer queries with a single, scalable statement archive solution to address two major acquisitions. In one migration, the Systemware team simultaneously captured approximately 100 million pages per hour of fully composed Advanced Function Print statement data even as customers and associates continued to access existing statements through the Intranet and Internet portals.

In another, Systemware handled an unprecedented volume of statement data — a combined 60 million card accounts — and completed the migration in only five months. The Systemware solution gives the bank the ability to scale to 300 million card accounts before any performance concerns need to be addressed.

Information silos are still all around us, but plenty are being torn down. The technology is available, the process is smooth, and the savings are real.