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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Create your business continuity plan to ensure your content remains available to your business and customers regardless of infrastructure.

Content Cloud offers accessible business continuity capabilities that scale with your business.

Whether you are running a huge disaster recovery infrastructure that goes largely unused, or you are looking to implement a new system to support your growing customer base, Systemware Content Cloud can provide the capabilities you need while providing cost savings at the same time. Content Cloud’s unparalleled scalability and deployment flexibility can enable a business continuity plan that satisfies your organization’s compliance and user experience needs with little to no added infrastructure, and none of your implementation needs to go unused.

Rapid Replication

Content Cloud automatically replicates all content between nodes. Should something happen to any particular node or environment, your users will be seamlessly switched to a working node, allowing continuous access to all content.

Active Failover

Content Cloud provides ACTIVE/HOT failover to replicated nodes automatically. With both system and content level replication, Content Cloud ensures uninterrupted operations and access, even in the event of a failure.

Cost-effective DR

Systemware offers disaster recovery capabilities in any deployment model, from fully hosted by Systemware to private on-premise infrastructure. Efficiently use the infrastructure you have or outsource it completely to Systemware.

Outsource your disaster recovery and business continuity plan needs with Systemware.

As information governance requirements continually increase in number and complexity, it is essential for organizations to become and remain compliant. Adding large amounts of infrastructure that will go largely unused to establish a disaster recovery and business continuity plan is an expense that no company should acquire. Systemware Content Cloud can be deployed in a partially or fully hosted model, providing a compliant content services platform, including disaster recovery, without additional infrastructure. Learn more about Systemware Managed Services.

Node-based architecture for efficiency and cost savings

Systemware Content Cloud was designed using a node-based architecture. All of Content Cloud’s available content services run on nodes, or groups of nodes, with the elasticity to scale up and down as demand dictates. In the event of a disaster, Content Cloud can scale up in an unaffected environment with no effect on availability or business continuity. If you have existing or even legacy infrastructure that is not being used efficiently, Content Cloud has the flexibility to unlock its potential or allow you to decommission it entirely.

Over the last five years, 50 percent of companies experienced downtimes that lasted longer than a complete workday. An unplanned downtime can cost thousands per minute.

Can your organization afford to lose that kind of money?

Still not convinced?

Let our customers tell you about their experience with systemware.

How Systemware Streamlined the Operations of a Fortune 100 Bank

Systemware’s Enterprise Report Management (ERM) solution proved invaluable in supporting a Fortune 100 bank in optimizing its operations, enhancing compliance, and achieving significant efficiencies in managing its extensive document repositories. The comprehensive and robust features of Systemware’s ERM solution enabled the bank to effectively handle its vast amount of documents, resulting in enhanced productivity, reduced costs, and a more agile and compliant business environment.

How the Systemware Platform Helped a Major Financial Institution Modernize

Systemware’s Enterprise Content/Report Management (ECM/ERM) technologies played a crucial role in helping a billion-dollar community bank achieve immediate access to critical business information, enhance compliance, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiencies. The bank initially faced limitations in secure electronic delivery, online access to statements, mining mainframe operational reports, and search capabilities of legacy systems.

Systemware JHS Case Study

A leading commercial vehicle manufacturer was facing challenges while maintaining their SYSLOG and SYSOUT files on their aging content management system, CA View/Deliver. The system was suffering from slow processing times, limited scalability, lack of an upgrade path, and increasingly high maintenance fees.

How one of the world’s largest financial institutions streamlined compliance with a connected content ecosystem

One of the world’s largest and most respected financial institutions with nearly 60 million customers and over $3 trillion in assets found itself challenged by its own success. Having grown organically and expanded via multiple acquisitions, the bank’s employees were struggling to manage, access, and deliver critical business information. This problem was starting to affect operations and regulatory compliance processes. They partnered with Systemware to accelerate and streamline the regulatory compliance process by creating a connected content ecosystem.

Sound too good to be true? We get that a lot.

Let us prove it to you. We can easily create a proof of concept and show you what the future of your organization’s content management looks like.

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