AIIM logoThe AIIM Conference 2014 held last week in Orlando was all about “information chaos” and the opportunities for organizations that manage enterprise content not merely to make sense of the rapidly expanding volumes of content bring created, but to use them to strength the entire enterprise.

Systemware was a Gold Sponsor of the event and as an exhibitor our focus was on Content Cloud, our new approach to content storage and access. Content Cloud enables organizations to maximize the value of all of their enterprise content by providing intuitive accessibility, infrastructure resiliency and cost efficiencies.

In his published keynote address, AIIM President John Mancini, noted how, “Content and information is coming at us at breakneck speed in an ever-changing array of formats and on PCs and laptops and tablets and phones. Organizations are struggling with the cost of legacy systems of record and fearful of the loss of control that’s represented by new systems of engagement. Everywhere I turn, I hear about organizations struggling with this Information Chaos. I believe that managing Information Chaos is the business challenge of the next decade.”

Mancini said, “As we shift our frame of reference to the world that is ahead, four major questions emerge for information professionals and the organizations they serve: How do we manage the risk of growing volumes of content? How do we transform our content-intensive business processes? How do we use content to better engage customers, employees, and partners? How do we get any business insight out of all the information we are gathering?”

Momentum building for cloud deployments

At the Systemware booth, there were plenty of questions about control. Corporations are certainly willing to consider cloud deployments, but they are not willing to give up control over their data. So it’s no surprise they are turning increasingly to private clouds that keep their information within their own data centers. Representatives of a number of health insurance companies and government providers talked with us about their mandate to maintain security even as they take advantage of the fundamental features of cloud-based computing.

As always, information silos were an oft-mentioned challenge. While attaining the lofty goal of creating a single, universal solution to content management seems unlikely, plenty of corporations believe they can pare their solutions to a few. The keys to making that happen are identifying and phasing out underperforming silos and putting together an intercommunication plan for those that remain.

The opportunities of Information Chaos

In summing up the challenges of Information Chaos and their corresponding opportunities, AIIM has noted information silos and the need for governance regardless of location. It has talked about the misalignment of systems of engagement and record and the need or end-to-end process synchronization. It has also discussed how the “business” circumvents IT and how that can be resolved by aligning IT spend with opportunities.

Opportunities – spotting them and taking advantage of them – will be vital for IT as it its role continues to evolve its role from one of gatekeeper to trusted service provider.