The Systemware team is very proud to be named for a 10th time to the elite list of Dallas Morning News’ Top 100 Places to Work. It is always a great privilege to be ranked among the amazing companies in this category and we send our congratulations to each of you receiving 2019 honors.

Systemware was also presented with the 2019 Special Award for Best Work/Life Flexibility which we are excited to receive for the first time and plan to continue the trend. These awards are held close to us here at Systemware because it embodies who we are, and that starts with our people. Our company founders brought their deep-rooted family values to the drawing board from the very beginning which resulted in a fun and positive culture that has carried forward and continues to thrive today with outstanding employee satisfaction and retention.

Director of Level 2 Tech Support, Lonnie Givens: “I’ve been here 23+ years and I can’t imagine a better place to work. We’re a family and all in this together for a common goal of keeping our customers happy, and being the best company ever. With my medical issues they’ve been very supportive of me. What more could I ever ask?” 

This teamwork mentality and empowering peer support is what has allowed us to deliver exceptional service and to be a successful leader in our technology sector for the past four decades. Systemware has just the right recipe of intelligent people and products, a supportive leadership team, and a great big bag of fun and amazing perks.

What is “the Best”?

Systemware Blood Drive

When envisioning what makes a workplace “the best”, anything free is usually a great place to start, right? Systemware certainly provides in this area and the team is always proud to boast about it. Employees enjoy free food and drink in a sprawling Family Room complete with throwback 80’s video games, ping-pong, pool, a shuffleboard and foosball tables. Staff has access to free gym memberships, a private suite at the American Airlines Center in Dallas to enjoy concerts and sporting events, and are rewarded with incentive trips for company performance above and beyond. To celebrate the holidays, employees fancy up with their guests for an elegant evening out at the Ritz- Carlton complete with a snazzy theme, dancing and live entertainment. Half-day Friday’s are a big hit in the Summer as well as a first-class weekend of fun and games during August for an annual “Family Weekend.” The company provides medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, a Health Savings Account, 401k, paid vacation, holiday, and sick leave. Systemware supports a wide range of charitable and community causes such as toy and blood drives, canned food collections, military care packages, and donations for childhood cancer research.

Beyond the fun freebies and great benefits, employees find rewarding career growth in an inclusive environment where they feel motivated to openly contribute creative ideas and innovation. A whole new world of thought leaders emerge when given the opportunity to be heard and appreciated.

Technology Specialist, Daniel Barnes: “I am thankful to have the opportunity to contribute to a company that helps its people in return. Without that cycle, you can’t have a healthy work environment. At Systemware, I am constantly challenged to succeed; it becomes part of who I am, improving me and my abilities. The support you receive from everyone around you keeps you going when you otherwise could not.”

Our people are welcomed into the Systemware family and supported from their first day on the job. That sense of respect and belonging is what brings being “the best” to a full circle.

Special Award for Best Work/Life Flexibility

Volunteers at the North Texas Food Bank

The Special Award for Best Work/Life Flexibility is truly an honor to receive. This award loudly resonates the voice of your employee and provides validation that a healthy work/life balance is being achieved with success.

Administrative HR Rep. Lindsay Hendricks: “Systemware is a fantastic place to work, with a fun, family-like culture and great, hard-working people. The company understands the value of our time and that allowing us to balance work and family keeps employees productive and happy.”

As with most organizations, Systemware has a wide variety of different life stages – from newlyweds, first homes, babies and grands; to illness, loss, and work from home access needs. Through it all, our leadership has provided a comfortable and supportive environment that encourages personal well-being and family first.

Product Delivery Specialist, Tim Starnes: “Systemware understands the needs for balance and that personal issues sometimes require attention during the business day. I appreciate the luxury of being able to work flexible hours and outside of the office to offset personal needs. It’s just another great example of being part of a family and an established trust with your co-workers.”  

Well, what else can we say — Our employees are simply the best. We are very proud of our team here at Systemware and this award is always a nice time to reflect on what makes our company great. We could not be where we are and receive this type of recognition without the strength and devotion of our amazing people and the support and encouragement of our leadership.


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