The odds are in your favor that at some point you will be asked to compete in team sports at your workplace. For some, this is redemption long desired. The mere mention of team sports will send Gen X-er’s rummaging through dark attics in search of accolades from youth gone by. Long forgotten trophies will be dusted off, and chins will quiver with fond reminiscence of the glory days. Not even the passage of time can silence the sound of that final buzzer signaling the loss of the 1988 State Basketball Championship — the one that got away. One thing’s for certain — Fierce competitors of all ages will be awakened, and employees young and old will stand shoulder to shoulder, ready to rumble. The only drawback is, sports are a little easier said than done as we “age gracefully.” No pain no gain right? A pulled hamstring is such a small price to pay for one more shot to reverse that buzzer. In the unfortunate event you do walk away with a minor injury, the silver lining is the hero status you now behold among your colleagues. Mostly, you get to experience the incredible feeling of knowing you went the distance to help an amazing cause — the Special Olympics.

Systemware Returns to the Richardson Corporate Challenge

Systemware Dodgeball wins Division-D GOLD

Since the Richardson Corporate challenge began, over $2 million dollars has been raised for Special Olympics. Systemware is honored to be a part of this effort for a second year. Team Systemware finished strong as Division-D Silver Champions in this year’s competition. Corporate coordinator and legendary IT guru, Mike Blanco, together with a dedicated group of Corporate Challenge committee members, organized the event among employees with the clever theme of CAMP WANNAWINNAFEW. Team Systemware raised over $4000 through donations and fundraising activities during the event and was awarded 2 spirit awards – the coveted “Tailgate” award at the August opening ceremony and the Division-D Megaphone award in October for keeping the team spirit alive throughout the competition.

Employees are Everything

Coordinator Mike Blanco

“When we joined the Corporate Challenge, our main goal was to foster camaraderie amongst our employees and to share what makes Systemware so special. We wanted to show other companies first-hand why we have been voted one of the Best and Brightest Companies to Work For and Top 100 Places to Work several years running,” says coordinator Mike Blanco. “These events can be a hard sell for some people, but for the most part the challenge has been well received.  Once competition starts, the spirit of the games takes over and we always pull together as a team.  Above all, we’re having fun together and that’s really what it’s all about,” he adds.

We often say, our employees are everything, and we truly mean that. It is during times of giving back to the community and helping families in need that we find this phrase to be even more evident. Our sincere gratitude and appreciation goes out to our employees and their families for the outpouring of dedication, support, and participation in the 2018 games.

On behalf of the Systemware team, we want to say THANK YOU and congratulations to the Richardson Corporate Challenge committee for a record-breaking year, as well as to each company that participated in this year’s events. It was an honor and a privilege competing with you and we appreciate all you do to help support the Special Olympics! Click here to learn more about the Richardson Corporate Challenge.