Consumers have many choices when deciding on a pharmacy to service their basic healthcare and prescription needs. Along with life-saving medication, pharmacies also provide over the counter remedies and general goods such as cosmetics, sundry, and snack items. In any given retail environment, content management is critical to provide timely, accurate information and deliver excellent customer service in an increasingly competitive market.

Case Study

In this case study, we highlight the partnership between Systemware and a leading Fortune 500 retail pharmacy. To improve report management and delivery, the pharmacy needed to modernize and simplify its aging enterprise content management (ECM) systems. Like many organizations, the pharmacy had multiple ECM software products, including ASG Mobius ViewDirect. Systemware is highly skilled at converting companies from other solution providers to Content Cloud, our all-in-one content services platform. Content Cloud connects information from a variety of business systems and delivers it in the exact context needed for each business line anytime, anywhere. “Our approach starts with a comprehensive end-to-end consultative analysis, so nothing gets missed,” says Sean Furrh, Systemware Director of Solutions Delivery. “We learn and understand your content and processes. Data conversion is then made fast and reliable with proprietary conversion tools and a proven approach, our Legacy Archive Processor.”

Fast Migration – Without Disruption

Systemware’s intelligent approach to content migration provides a simplified way to move your business forward into the next generation of content services. For almost 4 decades, we have been helping organizations of all industries migrate high volumes of critical business information. Our proprietary Legacy Archive Processor (LAP) provides an efficient way to connect, access, and manage content stored in legacy ECM systems.

With the help of Systemware. the pharmacy was able to enhance the functionality of their report capture and retention, consolidate the number of ECM software products they had running, and save millions on storage costs and overall licensing fees.

Read the full case study to learn how Systemware helped the pharmacy realize the immediate benefits of a dedicated partnership and a flexible content services platform to manage their critical information assets.

For more information about Content Cloud or the Legacy Archive Processor (LAP), contact Systemware to speak with a content services expert at 866.533.1514

About Systemware
Systemware has been helping organizations of all industry sectors efficiently find, extract, and deliver information for almost 40 years. Systemware’s intelligent content services platform, Content Cloud, helps organizations modernize their content management systems, connect disparate repositories, streamline processes, and enable content for business intelligence. Systemware is committed to ensuring organizations meet information governance requirements in a manner that optimizes cost and complexity while providing a tailored experience for users.