Legacy Mainframe Migration

Modernizing your legacy ECM has never been easier

Whether you are adding distributed systems to your existing IT infrastructure or replacing mainframe all together, Systemware Content Cloud has a time–tested, intelligent strategy to help you achieve your modernization objectives. Content Cloud has the technical agility to easily adapt and integrate with emerging technologies and the flexibility to quickly deploy any system while protecting the valuable ancillary knowledge investments your company has made. Systemware partners with organizations to develop strategic plans for successfully moving forward into the next generation of content services.

We know how important it is to manage your critical business information while establishing a more flexible and modern infrastructure. Legacy ECM products running on mainframes are often inherited from mergers and were built with a “set it and forget it” mindset. Systems such as these are risky and introduce increased liability for your organization.

No matter if your goals are cost savings or modernization, Content Cloud offers a seamless, low-risk migration of your content to a modern distributed environment that can vastly improve availability, accessibility, and provide an improved user experience.

5 steps to migrate off the mainframe

How much of your budget goes towards mainframe maintenance rather than innovation?

Is your organization taking full advantage of an intelligent content services platform?

Enterprises spend anywhere from 60% to 85% on IT budgets to maintain their infrastructures

40% of organizations are actively trying to move content to cloud based services.

Legacy Mainframe Migration with Content Cloud, It makes dollars and sense.

Are you ready to bring your organization into the modernization era? IT infrastructures should evolve as your business changes over time and as strict compliance regulations emerge. By modernizing your digital environment, you can leverage flexible distributed and public cloud systems while streamlining existing mainframe processes. Content services that can easily integrate and adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape are increasingly becoming less of a goal, and more of a necessity.

Systemware’s intelligent approach to content migration provides a simplified way to move your business forward. With our proprietary Legacy Archive Processor (LAP), you can easily access and migrate content archived in legacy repositories to Systemware Content Cloud. With our all-in-one platform, you can seamlessly connect content across a variety of systems to meet your specific business requirements and is supported by a team of experienced content services professionals, highly skilled at converting companies from other solution providers.

Improve Customer Experience

Give your customers fast access to information with robust line-level indexing capabilities.

Intuitive User Experience

Seamlessly access content across a variety of connected systems through a modern user interface.

Quick and Easy Development Path

Migrate to a new platform with ease and without disruption – in weeks, not months or years.

Data Integrity

Our migration process ensures your important business knowledge and the information around it is not lost or left behind.

Proven Strategy

We have helped some of the world’s largest organizations convert and migrate high volumes of content for almost 4 decades.

Compliance Simplified

Content Cloud helps mitigate risks to satisfy current and future compliance requirements.

Modernization of Legacy ECM The High Cost of Doing Nothing


Five Warning Signs It’s Time to Ditch Your Legacy Document Management System


A Modern reality comes with reducing your legacy footprint

Organizations are under mounting pressure to take advantage of available industry innovations. In many cases, these innovations can only thrive to their full potential on modern platforms. Mainframes are typically synonymous with outdated legacy infrastructures, but when modernization is a requirement, integration is seen as a necessity. By reducing your mainframe footprint, you can create a modern ecosystem that greatly improves your organization’s ability to efficiently manage critical information assets.

  • Satisfy Compliance, regulation, and audit requests quickly and efficiently
  • Improve your user experience with an all-in-one dashboard
  • Connect and access content across disparate systems
  • Fast, easy migration process that does not disrupt your business processes

  • Reduce infrastructure costs with dynamic scaling capabilities as demand dictates

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Customer Success Stories

Hear what our customers have to say about the Systemware LAP

Anheuser-Busch migrated in two weeks

Systemware partnered with Anheuser-Busch to meet their tight deadline and deliver a solid solution to their legacy ECM problem without disruption in only 2 weeks.

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Kroger saved 99 hours of processing time

Systemware’s problem-solving mindset helped Kroger’s accounting group automate payroll report extraction, reducing year-end processing from 112 hours to 3.

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