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Modernize your ECM solution

Accelerate your ability to modernize your content delivery network with flexible deployment options – cloud, distributed, mainframe, or hybrid. With Systemware’s conversion expertise and Legacy Archive Processor, you can quickly and reliably move storage and processing off the mainframe to improve and protect your business processes.

Transform your ECM ecosystem from the mainframe to a distributed cloud or hybrid environment efficiently and reliably.

Systemware’s processes and tools help you move your business data and information trapped in the mainframe to Content Cloud where you and your teams have secure access to content needed to make informed decisions.

Any project work done by Systemware was done with the utmost professionalism, they always went above and beyond the scope of the project to turn over a working process that would benefit my company.

Role: Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation, 1B - 3B USD Company

You don’t have to choose between fast and right

Experts in legacy content software migration

Systemware has a team of migration professionals with many years of experience successfully modernizing content management and delivery systems. We know the mainframe well and have helped many customers move from software products like CA View®/CA Direct® onto distributed, or cloud, systems. Our legacy mainframe migration tools and processes are proven, fast, reliable, and built to minimize the impact to your customers.

Migrate off the Mainframe fast – in weeks, not years

Systemware’s approach to mainframe migration is automated and seamless, so you don’t have to worry about a lengthy, expensive project. Our Legacy Archive Processor reduces the time to decommission your legacy CA systems, so you avoid paying support fees. Once you’re your free from CA View/CA Deliver you can move legacy content on your schedule – avoiding the time and cost of manual conversion – and you automatically preserve original content version dates and retention schedules.

Content Cloud does more than CA View/CA Deliver

Improve your Compliance Capabilities

  • Address new regulations such as GDPR and CCPA
  • Upgrade data masking and obfuscation capabilities
  • Encrypt your content in motion and at rest
  • Enhance event-based retention – even for large statement print streams

Find the right content faster

  • Locate the exact content you need quickly
  • Perform federated search across multiple content repositories
  • Retrieve specific lines or data out of a large report rather than full pages
  • Improve support for massive amounts of transactional content with Find Engine

Deliver content where and how you need it

  • Segment large AFP, Xerox or PDF print files, reports and statements and transform them into the right format (PDF, CSV, or XML)
  • Package multiple files together as a single ZIP or PDF file
  • Automate transformation, packaging, and delivery to simplify robotic processes

Want more?

Build a case for Digital Transformation. We partnered with AIIM to explore digitization of manual processes to increase efficiency.

How we do it

What you get with Systemware

  • Dedicated partner with lifetime support
  • Step-by-step consultative process
  • Modern interface and capabilities

  • Better indexing and faster search

  • Powerful built-in content transformation, extraction, and delivery

Don’t believe us? Give us a chance to show you how we can get you off Mobius in seven weeks.