As you take steps to move beyond enterprise content management, your focus likely includes getting value from content scattered throughout your organization. Intelligent information management is all about breaking down silos and improving access to and the use of content in ways that help to optimize IT resources; that improve productivity and workflow efficiencies; and that create a better experience for users, customers, and partners. Content Services solutions must enable businesses to deliver a better customer or partner experience, and enable businesses to tackle data management, storage and compliance issues.

In your transformation journey, as you rationalize your IT investment and consider making changes, here are five guiding principles to help define requirements, rally internal champions, and collaborate across businesses to get the results you need for your digital transformation.

  1. Modernize – Content Cloud provides a content services environment–the next generation ECM for intelligent information management.
  2. Interoperate – With Content Cloud you have options. Find and extract data wherever it is stored and transform and deliver information in the context needed. You choose which content and when to migrate & decommission.
  3. Automate – Content Cloud can help teams create a productivity-driven environment.
  4. Personalize – Personalization with Content Cloud gives users an environment that fosters productivity helping them to be more responsive to requests for information and improves the customer experience.
  5. Enable – Content Cloud helps you connect to content wherever it resides and enable it for whatever purpose (reporting, audits or shared with 3rd party business intelligence tools).

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