The adoption of content services in the public cloud is gaining momentum, now more than ever. With rapid technology advancements and increased demand for fast digital accessibility, organizations are looking for secure ways to intelligently manage their critical business information, while also saving on costs. Cloud-driven content services solutions, including those hosted in the public cloud, enable a more flexible way to manage content and can help your organization efficiently deliver differentiated products and services — fast.

Why the Public Cloud?

There are many ways organizations can utilize the public cloud to support their business objectives. The public cloud allows organizations the ability to deploy content services entirely in a trusted external cloud platform – such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, and more.

A public cloud not only brings the advantage of virtually unlimited storage capacity and server availability, but also the benefits of utilizing only the amount of resources necessary to meet demand– providing server capacity to handle volume when needed, and cost savings when not. Fully hosted solutions provide peace of mind with a fast time to market, security above and beyond, intelligent monitoring, and analytics. A hosted cloud solution eliminates the strain and hassle of maintaining costly on-premise infrastructure, as the solution is deployed seamlessly in external cloud platforms — opportunities that traditional ECM systems simply cannot provide.

As your business continues to grow, the need to expand IT resources and expensive infrastructure is no longer a concern. Hosted solutions also offer the advantage of automatic security updates, and new features are transparently implemented without disruption to business processes, providing an improved user experience with the latest innovations.

10 Ways Your Business Can Utilize the Public Cloud

As an industry-leading content services solution, Systemware Content Cloud delivers optimized performance in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments, as well as a fully hosted managed services (SaaS) offering. In this Whitepaper, we explore 10 ways your business can utilize the public cloud.

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