Systemware 2012 InnovationsAs 2012 draws to a close it’s an appropriate time for us at Systemware to look back at our year and review some truly notable accomplishments. We can be proud of the strides we made in output management and medical banking, and in the launch of new products including Content Cloud and the Systemware Digital Mail Gateway.

The Digital Mail Gateway is the result of our decades of experience in output management, and places Systemware at the forefront of a revolutionary technology poised for substantial growth. We were especially pleased that the two leading digital mail providers — Los Angeles-based Zumbox and Volly, the service from Pitney Bowes – chose our solution to address the challenges corporations face in delivering customer communications to digital mail providers. Plenty of signs point to continued progress in the coming year to wider adoption of a technology that has clear benefits for both consumers and corporations.

Content Cloud is the latest evolution of our content management solution and an effort to provide online, high-availability content in an environment that also reduces technology costs. It is an integrated content network that incorporates powerful compression and encryption software in a common environment that supports instant availability of content and reliable, low-cost disaster recovery through content replication. We are very excited about this solution and look forward to talking more about it in the coming year.

Medical banking continued to be an area of growing interest in 2012, and this was especially apparent at October’s Association for Financial Professionals Annual Conference, where plenty of treasury and finance professionals came to us with questions. Throughout the year we were fortunate to finalize agreements with banks providing this service and to onboard new health care providers. We expect this activity to increase in the coming years as the provisions of the federal health care reform laws take effect.

Systemware has long been about strong customer relationships borne of integrity and respect, so we were especially proud that in 2012 several key customers signed long-term agreements with us. I should note that these customers are not simply continuing to use our technology; they are using it to solve new business problems.

Thank you to everyone who had a hand in our success in 2012. I wish you Merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous new year. I look forward to working with you all in 2013.