Systemware logoToday Systemware made generally available the latest release to our core ECM solution, Systemware Content Server z/OS. This release is the latest from Systemware designed to expand system capabilities to address changing market dynamics and the evolving needs of customers.

The enhancements and updates are available for Content Server z/OS, JHS Release 5.2 and later. They include:

Expansion of document titles up to 72 characters — Document titles now can be up to 72 characters, including embedded blanks, and can be mixed-case provides unlimited cross-references for document title or alternate name.

Use of record level sharing (RLS) for VSAM KSDS files – This enhancement allows for less overhead on the central region for updates.

Replication — Systemware Content Server replication automatically copies resources from one database to another database. Replication is done at the resource level and can include: directories, document definitions, document versions, user definitions, bundle definitions, and system tables. This enhancement supports disaster recovery as well as can be used to distribute the access load by users.

Common security system — This single point of security control for both Content Server z/OS and Content Integrator delivers a single point of control is a big benefit.

The upgrades are available to customers at the JHS SW51R1 maintenance level for Content Server z/OS and the JHS SW42R1 level for Xptr. The maintenance level of any system can be determined by looking in JHSLOG at task startup. Due to the comprehensive nature of conversion from SWST 4.2 to Release 5, it is advised to review the conversion document found on the Customer Information Portal (CIP) prior to any decision to upgrade to Release 5.

Software for the upgrade is available by electronic file transfer, and documentation is available from Systemware’s CIP. Systemware technical support is available by phone at 972-239-2803 and by email at