Systemware Content CloudWe recently completed our annual kickoff meetings where we introduced our staff to the product of our most recent development efforts and discussed our initiatives for the year.   This year our discussion centered on why the Systemware Content Cloud is THE solution for enterprise content management.  We discussed our approach to providing increased availability, security, and reliability while reducing the cost of managing the ever-growing mountain of content created by American businesses.   We discussed our continued single focus on solving this big problem.

Information technology managers continue to respond to the considerable challenge of managing the current volume of content in their enterprises.  With these volumes expected to climb rapidly and pressure growing to implement Big Content initiatives that allow for the rapid analysis of large amounts of information, the challenge is only going to get more acute.

In addition, demand for immediate access to an expanding amount of content is increasing even as corporations work to “do more with less.”   This drives initiatives to examine content management capabilities in order to support the increased demand, encourage user self-service, and better leverage available technologies.  Focus has, once again, shifted to relocating content from the less-cost-efficient mainframe DASD to the distributed environment while supporting improved access.

Issues of availability, security and reliability

Because Systemware provides ECM solutions to some of the biggest names in American business, we have engaged them in discussions challenging the status quo for managing content.  With our customers we have explored the real costs and considerable shortcomings of the traditional approach to content availability, security and resiliency.

Our efforts included evaluation of the current storage environments deployed for managing content.  These included direct access, near-line, off-line, distributed, and off-premise.  In addition we examined the organizational and infrastructure requirements of each element.   These cooperative analyses have resulted in our development of the Systemware Content Cloud.  Some of our early adopters have already deployed elements of Content Cloud to address a particular need; however, we are convinced our complete solution offers functionality to address all the challenges associated with managing Big Content.

The Systemware Content Cloud is an integrated content network that incorporates powerful compression software in a common environment that supports instant availability of content and reliable, low-cost disaster recovery through integrated content replication.

Content Cloud reduces technology costs by:

  • Leveraging less-expensive distributed storage devices
  • Utilizing data compression to further increase storage efficiency
  • Eliminating the tape layer for content retention and backup
  • Reducing central processor requirements
  • Eliminating storage media consumables
  • Reducing operating and facilities costs.

Systemware Content Cloud allows the storage of any content, document or report to be moved to less-expensive media, optimally compressed to consume between 50 percent and 90 percent less storage space, and replicated to a back-up environment for high-availability disaster recovery.

Systemware Content Cloud facilitates a more responsive, secure, complaint and robust user experience by allowing companies to leverage existing infrastructure to position content closer to the end-user while maintaining centralized control over access and retention.

ECM solution attracting interest from large corporations

Systemware Content Cloud is becoming the technology of choice to address the availability, reliability, security, and cost of enterprise content management. Systemware Content Cloud offers companies, for the first time, the ability to standardize content management to a single solution, further reducing costs.  Our ability to manage and deploy a flexible and responsive platform to manage an expanding content storage environment while at the same time increasing system stability, responsiveness, resiliency, and lowering costs, in a centrally managed content network, has established a new “best practices” mark for ECM.

The strength of Systemware Content Cloud is its ability not only to reduce operational and disaster-recovery costs but to improve customer satisfaction through better access to content in any environment. That’s why we say Systemware Content Cloud is about more than cloud content -based storage – much more.  As you can tell, we are excited about the Systemware Content Cloud.  You will be hearing much more about this throughout 2013.