computerIn considering converting to a new enterprise content management solution, many corporations are looking for the latest features, while others are engaged in mainframe optimization or are seeking capabilities in excess of those that their legacy solutions provide. When moving from one content repository to another, there are several key objectives to keep in mind.

1. Create an integrated strategy for the capture, storage, management and delivery of content. The most effective ECM solutions provide the capabilities to capture, index, store, and manage all structured and unstructured content, including paper documents, desktop files, print streams, images, email, XML – virtually any electronic content.  Additionally, the best solutions can be successfully integrated with existing systems so that organizations can continue to take advantage of their strengths.

2. Establish standards for content creation, storage, workflow, publication and security. Many organizations require a real-time platform for managing documents and content to meet regulatory and compliance requirements while also integrating with core applications. They need to grant access rights, permissions and functions using role-based security, as well as maintain a log of user access and activity. Ideally, user authentication can occur either within the ECM solution or in conjunction with the existing network permissions and access infrastructure.

3. Look for a solution that provides powerful, enterprise search and retrieval capabilities. In addition to full text search of content, seek out multi-level indexing technology to quickly locate precise information. Systemware’s find engine has the ability to assign any number of indexes, which assists users in finding and retrieving specific information regardless of whether it is an entire document, single line of information within a document, or anything in between. The most robust indexing can be applied to many content formats including AFP, PDF, XML, text, and HTML.

4. Ensure the interface is intuitive and provides consistent, organized design and logical navigation. The best interfaces are customizable as needed without vendor support and can be specialized for a particular department or function.

5. Select a secure, stable, scalable repository that keeps content highly available. The key here is to choose a provider with proven solutions in extremely high-volume, mission-critical environments where reliability is paramount. Another important capability to consider is how well a solution can address growth in user base and processing volumes.

Our customers rely on Systemware ECM solutions to capture, index, store and deliver high-value information to their customers, employees, partners, and suppliers.  Whether managing reports, delivering monthly statements or addressing regulatory compliance, our solutions provide the ability to manage an unlimited amount of content of any type, creating a unified information platform that will fit seamlessly into an existing IT infrastructure.