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Content Cloud

This intelligent content network consists of distributed and/or centralized servers, enabling you to maximize the value of all of your enterprise information solutions by providing security, speed and savings.

A Platform That Adapts for Your Business.

Systemware Content Cloud manages information in a new way, moving beyond traditional enterprise content management (ECM). Our intelligent content network connects your information, regardless of where it lives.  Centralized or distributed systems, in the cloud or on-premise, in Systemware or a different solution –  our hybrid cloud was designed to connect you with all of your enterprise content without compromising usability, business continuity, or cost efficiencies.

Content Cloud provides the ability to easily integrate, curate, capture, store, and govern critical content and records through the entire lifecycle.  New regulations and procedures require your information solutions are capable of accessing and managing information stored in other systems. In these situations, which demand enhanced controls and security, Content Cloud is the answer.

ECM is now dead (kaput, finite, an ex-market name), at least in how Gartner defines the market. It’s been replaced by the term Content Services, a strategic concept that covers three aspects, namely Content Services Applications, Platforms and Components.

Michael Woodbridge, Gartner


Content Cloud provides the secure and compliant foundation that gives corporations the assurance of infrastructure resiliency. And Content Cloud is scalable, with the ability to address both volume growth and changing market dynamics.

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User satisfaction comes down to the ability to quickly and efficiently find and access information. With Content Cloud, content is always online and immediately available. Our Find Engine curates and focuses search results, delivering the right information in the right context.

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Content Cloud helps reduce costs in three ways:

  1. It provides a blended, hybrid-deployment flexibility that optimizes mainframe utilization.
  2. It delivers the ability to easily consolidate or integrate content silos from any platform.
  3. It offers compression, where it makes the most sense, anywhere in the content network.
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